Cusco treasures

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Since the start of our Peruvian trip, I was looking forward to see Cusco.

I’d already heard so many nice things about this city in southeastern Peru and I have to admit, it was two times prettier than I expected. I’m not surprised that a lot of backpackers stay here for a few weeks.

For a start, the main square ‘Plaza de Armas’ is quite impressive. The surrounding white buildings, with their cute little blue colonial balconies, could be coming right out of a historical musical. Instant nostalgic feelings.

However, when you walk around in the little streets labyrinth of San Blas, an artistic boho area tucked away up to the north of Plaza de Armas, you know it for sure: I do not want to leave this place!

Girls… be prepared, this part of the city is not wallet-proof. I really couldn’t decide on which blanket, bracelet or bag I was going to take home, too much prettiness to handle. Of course it would not be fair not to mention all the options to go to foodie’s heaven in San Blas. Think: Peruvian hipster coffee delis, Pisco Sour cocktail bars with menus you can’t resist or the yummiest italian food at Bodega 138. Yup, you read that right, pizza, because I can assure you that after 2,5 weeks of avocado, avocado, avocado, quinoa and alpaca meat, a pizza sure tastes good!

If you have the chance, try to book an apartment at the Quinua Boutique Hotel. You’ll have plenty of space, a million dollar view on the city, spent your entire stay in the middle of the most lovely area San Blas and the owners are to die for. Do I need to say more?

Cusco, we’ll meet again!

– Italian Restaurant – 

Bodega 138
Herrajes 138


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