it’s the little things

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We all know the feeling. It’s around 11.30 am and you start getting hungry.
Well… there’s always tripadvisor to give you an inspirational foodie start, but honestly, I’ve never been blown away by their suggestions.

When I’m travelling, I want to eat/drink/use-wifi in those places that make me want to take their business card home, sometimes even just because its design is oh-so pretty. (I have this thing with business cards and keep the prettiest ones in a cute little box at home).

Because it’s the little things that make me happy. A beautiful menu, an amazing home-made Ice Tea, an original veggie sandwich with a surprising combo, a beautiful old plate or the fresh flowers on the table.

That’s why in my Notebook, you’ll find my address book, with all the places that have that *little* extra for me.

So if you’re looking for a nice cup of coffee in Paris, a delish lunch sandwich in Lima or an amazing cocktail (in a pretty glass), you can always do a quick search through my favo hotspots.

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