¡buenos días Peru!

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Buenos días! Even ‘good day’ sounds better in Spanish.

My first date with South-America is a Peruvian one!
Begin September I left our little Belgium and took the plane to Lima for a 3 weeks road trip through, what now is one of my fav’ countries, Peru!

On the travel menu:

  1. Lima
  2. Arequipa
  3. the Colca Canyon
  4. the Titicaca Lake
  5. Cusco
  6. Ollantaytambo
  7. Machu Picchu

In that order, to be exact, because you need to get used to the Andes altitude gradually.

Of course Machu Picchu is impressive, but there is so much more to see in this diverse country and for me the magic lays somewhere in between the cold snowy mountains and the exotic jungle vibes that we encountered. No need to say that this travel journey had so much to offer.

We mostly stayed at local host families, with basic accommodations,  and okay I must admit I’ve had some freezing cold nights, but that was all made up for by the warmth of these local families.

Since my Spanish is limited to ‘Hola guapo, me llamo Carolina’ we mostly communicated with gestures and connected through playing UNO. Surprising what a card game can do!

Since each ‘road stop’ has its own highlights, I’ll try to give you my view on all the little things that touched my heart during our trip through 7 detailed posts. Don’t hesitate to comment below or e-mail me if there are other (practical) things you’d like to know!

Let me conclude by saying that one thing is sure. I lost a piece of my heart in South America and I made a promise too, to be back soon.


P.S. Cusco is already online !

alpaca road sign


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