Hip and happening Central HK

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Up and down you’ll go. In comparison to Kowloon, Hong Kong island, or Central as it’s otherwise known as, is fairly hilly. It’s a mixture of old low-rise and modern high-rise blocks and all the little steps and hidden places in between give it an extraordinary atmosphere. If you turn the right corner, you might even find some streets that will remind you of Brooklyn (NY) or Covent Garden (LDN).

Speaks for itself that Central has that amazing ‘east meets west’ vibe that lures expats from around the globe. Personally I was really happy to discover that HK also has some hip and happening neighborhoods that aren’t dominated by mega shopping malls and luxury brands.

So if you’re looking for the trendy and good vibe areas, give this part of HK a try!

Start in buzzing SoHo, continue to its more hipster and laid back neighbor NoHo and don’t forget to stop by the amazing Wan Chai area around Star street. (Note: SoHo is situated right above Hollywood road, whereas NoHo is the area right below)

Here’s my list of must do’s in Central:

Go treasure hunting in the (concept) stores around NoHo or the Tai Ping Commons

You’ll find plenty of interesting (concept) stores in NoHo. Mostly around Gough street and Aberdeen Street, but I must say that the nearby Tai Ping Commons area (a little further up) has some real original stores and eateries too! I’ve listed some of my personal fav’s:

– Gough street –

Agnès b café  – for a quick cappuccino and a relaxing moment
Homeless – for cute lifestyle and wanderlust design items
Tunique – for elegant, subtle and affordable jewelry ( I found myself the cutest little brass margarita cocktail bracelet here)
WOAW – accessories and unique gadget gifts & a great cup of coffee at the in-store Elephant Grounds coffee shop

– Tai Ping Commons –

Château Zoobeetle – 38 Sai Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
If you’re looking for elegant travel essentials with a Parisian vibe or a nice drink at their beautiful Brass wine bar (love-love-love). Expats galore!

A-side / B-side53 Sai St, Tai Ping Shan, Hong Kong
A pinterest perfect eatery with a twenty-seat counter (yup, you eat while you see the cooks preparing your food). Go here for lunch or dinner with
A Side for daytime and B Side as night falls. You’ll taste the the potential of their seasonal Hong Kong grown ingredients and you won’t regret it. Lovely owners!

Get your kitsch – is okay- souvenir at the Lanes
“The Lanes” are two parallel streets (Li Yuen Street East and West) full of small market stalls and souvenir shops full of Tsim Sha Tsui magnets and cute little pink Buddha’s.

Wine and dine in SoHo
Read all about my foodie tips around Soho here.

Go for an oldskool double-deck tram ride
It’s the most affordable (+- € 0,20/ride) and greenest public transport mode in the city
and it gives you a unique glimpse of the every-day HK life! We used the tram to get from the N/Soho areas to the hidden & hip Wan Chai Starstreet precinct and shared our seats with some of the locals.

Discover the hidden & hip Wan Chai
Find a lists of my favorite foodie addresses around Starstreet here.

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