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Known as the Lion city, Singapore is truly a cultural melting pot. It’s a sympathetic mix of high street shopping malls, upmarket hipster cafes, bright street art, colonial history and rooftop bar nightlife.

When I arrived, I immediately got the citytrip kind of vibe. Only one hour later I found myself running around Singapore – in my comfy and shiny white sneakers – trying to understand the SGP big city life as good as possible in unfortunately a way too short period of time.

My first impressions of this Asian city state:

  • organized city level – 9/10
    –  No street dogs or horn-honking cars but manicured gardens and a second city underground. (Aha, that’s where all the other people are!)
  • hipster cafe mania level – 9/10
    – Foodie Instagram addicts, get your cameras ready!
  • air conditioning level – 1/10
    – Yup, you’ll sweat yourself to death outside and you’ll freeze in a minute inside. (Don’t forget to bring a sweater in this 33 degrees weather, I promise you, you won’t regret it)
  • bucket list level – 10/10
    – I mean…that Marina Bay Sands infinity pool.

In short: Singapore has a LOT to offer, so I’ve made a list of my favorite Singapore moments to get you started.

– Keep your head in the Clouds at Gardens by the Bay –

This gigantic glass covered mysterious world of exotic plants is like nothing you’ve seen before. Enjoy the amazing view on Singapore’s most impressive architectural sights – e.g. the Marina Bay Sands Hotel – while walking on the modern skywalk around these walls of green tropical jungle. I can’t exactly tell you why, but this place has something really special.

Continue your walk through these futuristic Gardens by the Bay to the Supertree Grove and be amazed by these immense 50-meter-tall artificial trees! Note: if you have some time left, the 22-metre-high Skyway is a nice plus, but not the best choice for those afraid of heights

Discover the delish lunch options at PS café 

As far as ambience, interior and scenery goes, this cafe will probably become one of the top few cafes in my address book. Woaw. I wish I could have lunch here! Read all about this amazing place here.

Wander around Haji Lane’s hipster haven –

Think trendy little (design) stores, cute coffee cafés, bold graffiti walls and lots of other little street art corners. This charming low building area with colorful streets makes for a nice change  from the big skyscraper buildings and futuristic architecture. You’ll see that Haji Lane literally asks for some great Polaroid picture memories.

Watch the sunrise from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel infinity pool

Should you book a night a the Marina Bay Sands Hotel? The answer is definitely YES.  An early morning swim in the world’s craziest pool is a once in a lifetime experience that you’ll never forget! For me, not doing this is sort of like going to Lapland and skip the husky dog sledding… My advice: get up at 5am – you’ll have the pool to yourself and with the right jet-lag it’s really not that hard – and enjoy the sunrise 56 floors up in the sky. Breathtaking.

– Walk off your consumption of delish food by shopping your way down Orchard Road

Orchard Road is Singapore’s answer to London’s Oxford Street. My favorites here (because we don’t have them in Europe) are Kikki.K (the prettiest stationery and functional organizing design items), Cotton On (the Australian H&M) and of course – a women can never have too much lingerie – the Victoria’s Secret flagship store.

When it comes to foodie options in Singapore I got some great insider tips – thank you Thijs – that I’ve listed up for you in my address book. To start your culinary SGP tour, click here.

Would love to hear all about your Singapore favorites, tips and tricks so don’t forget to share them below in the comment section!

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