My Singapore Fav’s

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When I’m out travelling, finding good (and pretty) food addresses is always top of mind for me. I’m sort of obsessed with finding THE right spot, but in a good way I guess. Lucky for me, Singapore has plenty of great options! Too much even to explore in only a few days. So if you don’t know where to start – like me- the next few addresses are a good beginning.

9 am – (cupcakes for) a BREAKFAST on the go

Plain Vanilla Bakery – 1D Yong Siak Street, Tiong Bahru, Singapore 

Pastel pretty bicycles line the entrance, an Asian fashionista is sitting on the wooden swing and some others are typing away on their laptop with a nice take away cup of coffee on the side. This place is almost inspirational. Try one of their amazing cupcakes for breakfast – because sometimes you just need a guilty pleasure to start the day, you’re on a holiday remember – and grab a Latte to go. Just be careful you don’t end up in a food coma at 10 am just because you ate a chocolate cake for breakfast.

10 am – buy a MYSTERY BOOK 

Books Actually – 9 Yong Siak Street, Tiong Bahru  Singapore

Just like The Plain Vanilla Bakery, this special bookstore is situated in Singapore’s centre of cool Tiong Bahru. This area is the perfect place to spend a (lazy) Saturday morning. Must say that it made for a nice change to other skyscraper neighborhoods. Around here you’ll find quirky little local stores and bookshops instead of Chanel & Gucci. What I loved most, was the mystery book vending machine in front of the Books Actually store. Are you up for your first blind date with a book?

12 am – pinterest perfect BR/LUNCH

PS. Café – 28b Harding Road, Singapore OR Palais S.C, 390 Orchard Road, Level 2

As far as ambience, interior and scenery goes, PS cafe will probably be forever on the top of my address book for a while. Woaw. I wish I could have lunch here! During my stay I tried both of their extraordinary locations and preferred the one at Harding Road. On the menu, exceptional sandwiches and salads but also a nice spaghetti bolo or a simple burger. My advice try their specialty sandwich PS. Turkey Cranberry with house caraway bread, smoked turkey, grilled mozzarella, bacon, mayo & cranberry jam and dressed greens, yummyummyumm! It’s the perfect lunch spot for when some of you are up for a healthy and lighter lunch whilst the others prefer a warm decent meal. Bon appétit!

P.s. I. make a reservation beforehand !
P.s. II. you’ll need to take a taxi in order to get to the Harding Road location, but it’s all worth it

3 pm – afternoon (shopping) COFFEE

Artistry – 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore

If you followed my to do’s in Singapore and went for an afternoon of shopping and wandering around in Haji Lane, than you’ll might need a coffee boost. Take a break from all the trendy little (design) stores and bold graffiti walls and enjoy a great cappucino at Artistry. This nice coffee bar is only a few streets away from the centre of Haji Lane’s hipster haven. Cool down inside – airco galore – or enjoy the Singapore heat on their arty wooden terrace. Up to you!

8 pm – tapas for DINNER

Esquina – 16 Jiak Chuan Lane, Singapore

Known for its unique – and beautifully presented – Spanish tapas, Esquina is perfect for dinner!  When it comes to interior it’s both cosy and unique because of its funky underground vibe. Personally I really liked their gorgeous long open kitchen with matching steel bar stools -perfect for a date for 2- but their upper floor is equally charming. What I like about having tapas for dinner, is that you can decide gradually whether you want to keep it to a few small bites or go for the whole menu. Careful, you might find yourself tempted to order all options in the end, because the menu is simply irresistible. My fav’s: beetroot pickled, whipped truffle burrata and raspberries (VEGGIE HEAVEN) and their thyme and onion bread with mushroom butter (yup that’s mushroom butter, in the form of a mushroom). Good luck with choosing!

Curious to hear what your Singapore treasures are so don’t hesitate to leave your foodie or shopping tips in the comments below!
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